02. February 2016

HIGHFIELD boat is a line of dinghies and RIBs, specifically made with an aluminium hull.
Originally designed and made in Australia. More details about HIGHFIELD range you can find on their web site http://www.highfieldboats.com/

        I.            History:

–          25 years of technical experience

–          Used by Government Authorities (police, coast guard, rescue) over the same period

      II.            International brand:

–          Australian design, built in China under European management

–          Worldwide distribution network via certified dealers within 36 countries and territories.


    III.            Weight advantages:

–          Aluminium hulled boats are up to 30% lighter than FRP equivalent

–           The Highfield start planing quickly

–          Easy to launch an recover

–          A smaller engine can be used compared to FRP equivalent boat

  • Attractive packaging price (e.g.  OM 390 can be powered with 20Hp)
  • Smaller engine consume less fuel

    IV.            Design:

–          Hull|Tube assembly + heavy duty rubrail create efficient water deflection = Dry ride

–          Big tube diameter = superior floatability, boat more stable when stopped

–          OM easily customizable with various equipment to match your program


      V.            Quality materials:

–          Tube fabric  from Europe: Hypalon ORCA from France, PVC Mehler from Germany

–          Rubber accessories from Italy

–          Hulls made of marine grade aluminium alloys 5052


    VI.            Production process and :

–          Powder coated paint baked in oven

–          Welded seams on PVC tubes

–          Fuel tank pressure tested (OM’s)

–          Batches of paint, glue & fabric regularly tested

  VII.            Environment friendly:

–          Aluminium is a fully recyclable material

–          Light weight à require smaller engine consuming less fuel and lower emissions

Powder coated paint cooked in oven = NO solvents involved

Beneteau boats

We are the official dealer of Beneteau sailboats and motorboats. For 120 years, the core of Beneteau has been innovation and a passion for yachting. From the first sardine boat to the latest Monte Carlo, from the shipbuilding tradition to more advanced technologies, the expertise has grown. Today, more than 36,000 Beneteau power boats have sailed the seas of the globe. Steering them their keen and demanding owners, with whom we share the same values of performance, modernity, safety and respect.

Beneteau sailboats

LIVE THE MAGIC OF THE SEA. Set off to sea, be carried away on a dream and take possession of this wonderful yacht on which life on board is pure pleasure. With her unique simplicity and freedom, Sense echoes with an invitation to come and experience the magic of the sea.
Sailing the world's seas togethter. Oceanis yachts are all about sharing and enjoying life at sea together. From 31’ to 58’, all ten Oceanis models are tireless cruisers designed to deliver comfort in all its forms, beginning with a stable, high-performance hull.
Zvest monotipnemu duhu, Beneteau 25 združuje visoko tehnologijo in enostavnost gradnje. Spletna stran razreda: http://www.platu25.com
In a First, every innovation delivers greater cruising pleasure and even more impressive race performance: it’s a pedigree that others can only envy. Achieving the perfect combination of safety and performance, every First impresses with its manoeuvrability, ergonomic deck plan and ease of sail handling.
PASSION AND PERFORMANCES. A One-design class is only possible thanks to the existence and initiative of owners’ clubs and national or international organizations. The One-design BENETEAU yachts fall into two different programmes: • The FIGARO BENETEAU II: developed for the FIGARO owner’s class

Highfield aluminium ribs

Because weight does matter, this single deck dinghy has been conceived keeping that motto in mind. Their light weight make them a real alternative for those who may have chosen a soft bottom tender in the past but would prefer a hard hull for its performance. Ultralite tenders are roomy and strong, yet light and easy to transport. These little boats can be launched and recovered by a single man and are easy to be transported on a roof rack. You will be impressed by their obvious quality level. The excellence of the finish only compares the detail of the ergonomics. The simple layout is combined with an uncluttered design and numerous standard accessories complete the picture. The Ultralite’s are made of 2.5mm thick powder coated marine grade aluminium for the hull and 1100 Dtex fabric for the inflatable tube.